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Dances of Life

$9.95 (includes public performance rights)

Polynesian dance speaks to the past, present, and future. For nearly 50,000 years, dances and songs have been an expression of Pacific Islanders' origins, their journeys, their struggles - their very existence. These are their "dance stories" - their Dances of Life. Today, Pacific Islanders are struggling to maintain their identity and traditions. Dance is central to these efforts. For centuries, dance has remained one of the most powerful vehicles for transmitting culture.

Program Length: 57 mins.
Production Staff: Producers: Shane Palusi Seggar and Catherine Tatge
Production Companies: Pacific Islanders In Communications and KQED Public Television
Format: DVD
The Website for Dances of Life
Public Broadcast Release: 2005

Closed Captioning Included

Tags: Pacific Islander, Dance, Culture

Product ID: DLIF-05-H

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