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Horse Tribe

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Legendary as one of America's greatest horse tribes, the 21st century Nez Perce decided to bring horses back to their land and lives with the unlikely help of a charismatic Navajo horseman, Rudy Shebala.

His mentorship guides at-risk teenagers toward the strong medicine of horses, and his equine skills bring historic Nez Perce horse culture to modern renown. But his personal demons imperil both accomplishments. Horse Tribe is an epic story about the connection of human to animal, history to life, individuals to community, grief to resolve, and values to action.

Educational Resources: Viewer Discussion Guide
Program Length: 57 minutes
Production Staff: Producer: Janet Kern (Oglala Lakota)
Format: DVD
The Website for Horse Tribe
Public Broadcast Release: October 2015


Product ID: HORS-15-E

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