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Spirit in Glass: Plateau Native Beadwork

$150.00 (includes public performance rights)

"Art has always been a way to showcase what is going on in a community. We have adapted beads to being our artform. It is definitely a part of our identity." - Ervanna Little Eagle (Warm Springs)

Celebrate the spectacular beadwork and culture of the Columbia River Plateau People through the eyes and hearts of the artists. Together, they share their history, motivation and the beadwork that plays an important role in binding their culture together. Native Plateau beadwork and culture is unique and its story of survival is a part of the rich tapestry of America. Narrated by Nez Perce storyteller Nakia Williamson, Spirit in Glass: Plateau Native Beadwork features artists from the Warm Springs, Yakama, and Umatilla Reservations.

Educational Resources: Educational Guide
Program Length: Approx 30 minutes
Director, Producer and Editor: Penelope Phillips
Assistant Director: Bill Spater
Consultant/Art Historian: Steven L. Grafe, Ph.D
Post Consultant: Ruben Proenca
Narrator/Tribal Historian: Nakita Williamson (Nez Perce)
Original Music: Craig Else
Spirit in Glass: Plateau Native Beadwork is a Co-Production of
Mimbres Fever Productions & Vision Maker Media with major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Public Broadcast Release:
Production Year: 2012

Tags: Craft, Beadwork, Nez Perce

Product ID: SPGL-14-H

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