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We Breathe Again

Price - $225.00

Includes Public Performance Rights

For centuries survival was difficult for Alaska Native peoples, but they lived full lives. Today survival is easier, but they are dying young. Alaska Native peoples sustained their way of life through a social, cultural and spiritual balance, but the traumatic ramifications of colonization have left many scars that continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

Educational Resources: Viewer Discussion Guide
Program Length: 57 minutes
Production Staff: Director/Producer: Marsh Chamberlain, Producers: Evon Peter & Enei Begaye Peter
Production Company: Crawl Walk Run, Native Movement & University of Alaska Fairbanks
Format: DVD
The Website for We Breathe Again
Public Broadcast Release: September 2017

Closed Captioning Included

Tags: Alaska Native, History

Product ID: WEBR-17-E

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