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Yellow Fever

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Tina Garnanez, a young Navajo veteran, goes on a personal investigation into the history of the Navajo uranium boom, examining its lasting impacts and the potential for new mining in the area. Looking at the cost of cheap energy and the future of the industry, Tina becomes an advocate, lobbyist, and a vocal proponent for environmental justice.

Educational Resources: Viewer Discussion Guide; Educational Guide; PBS Learning Media
Program Length: 57 Minutes
Director and Producer: Sophie Rousmaniere
Co-Producers: Jay Minton (Potawatomi) and Tina Garnanez (Navajo)
Associate Producers: Cristiano Mendes, Kimberly Larson and Carolyn Cobelo
Editor: Sophie Rousmaniere
Assistant Editors: Amy Shehi and Danielle Bloch
Public Broadcast Release:
March 2015
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Closed Captioning Included

Tags: Uranium, Navajo, Youth

Product ID: YELL-15-H

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