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Sacred Stick

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"Before there was light, before there was earth, the game was played." -Esteemed Elder Oren Lyons, Jr. (Onondaga/Seneca)

Sacred Stick examines the historical, cultural, and spiritual aspects of lacrosse. From the ancient Maya to the world famous Iroquois Nationals team, this program explores a uniquely Indigenous sport that, like Native peoples themselves, adapted and endured within the dominant culture. As lacrosse surges in popularity, it has now become the fastest growing sport in North America. But for Native peoples, it has always been and continues to be much more than a game.

Educational Resources: Viewer Discussion Guide; Lacrosse Educational Guide
Program Length: 57 minutes
Director and Producer: Michelle Danforth (Oneida)
Co-Producers: Patty Loew, PH.D. (Ojibwe) and Wisconsin Public Television
Editor: Dean Thomas
Public Broadcast Release: 2013

Closed Captioning Included

Tags: Lacrosse, Sports, New York

Product ID: STIC-13-H

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