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Indians Like Us

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A sincere admiration of Native culture gives way to this charming documentary about a small group of French Citizens - called "Savy Western" - who share a passion for everything Native American. Every weekend, they dress up in Native regalia and make appearances at various village fairs alongside their countrymen in France. However, in order to fulfill their dream, they must travel to the United States and meet "real Indians." Together, they finally manage a two-week drive across the Midwest and discover that the reality of contemporary Native Americans is quite different from their portrayed envisioning. Filled with unforeseen emotion, their road movie visits Pine Ridge, Wounded Knee, and Little Big Horn, and along the way, it captures surreal and enlightening encounters on both sides.

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Program Length: 57 mins.
Director/Cinematographer: Sylvie Jacquemin
Editor: Sylvie Demaine
Producer: Sylvie Gautier
Featuring music from Lorin Hart, Cody Blackbird, Shanan Martineau & Randy Wood
Public Broadcast Release:
Production Year: 2013

Available for rent or purchase through: Amazon Prime Video

Tags: French, Savy Western, Pine Ridge, Wounded Knee, Little Big Horn

Product ID: ILUS-13-H

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