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Aboriginal Architecture: Living Architecture


Educational DVD or VHS available at Bullfrog Films.

Aboriginal Architecture: Living Architecture explores the way Aboriginal architecture reflects the diversity of environments and Aboriginal cultures across North America. Traditional and ceremonial buildings reflect all aspects of life in a particular region and time. Architectural designs were affected by technology, climate, society, religion, economics, and history. The film explores the way Aboriginal architecture continues to evolve in response to ongoing changes in the natural and social environment.

Program Length: 57 minutes
Production Staff: Producers: Tamara Lynch, Paul M. Rickard & Janice Benthin
Production Company: Mushkeg Media
Public Broadcast Release: September 2006

Closed Captioning Included

Tags: Architecture, Inuit, Mohawk, Pueblo, Crow, Salish, Haida, Navajo

Product ID: ARCH-06-H

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