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Growing Native Alaska: People of the North

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All across Alaska, Native cultures have depended on the abundant natural resources found there to support their families, cultures and way of life. Now these resources are growing scarce, and the people who have relied on them for centuries have to find new ways to adapt. Growing Native visits some of the many communities engaged in this familiar struggle - the struggle to maintain their traditions and way of life, while continuing to prosper in a constantly changing world. Host Chris Eyre (Cheyenne Arapaho) meets Alaska Natives who thrive and survive in this complex environment.

Educational Resources: Viewer Discussion Guide
Program Length: 57 minutes
Production Staff: Shirley Kay Sneve (Sicangu Lakota), Executive Producer; Chris Eyre (Cheyenne & Arapaho), Executive Producer & Host; Charles "Boots" Kennedy (Kiowa), Director/Producer; Brandon Verzal, Producer; Tyler "Blue" Tarpalechee (Muskogee Creek), Associate Producer
Production Company: Vision Maker Media
Public Broadcast Release: November 2018

Closed Captioning Included

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Tags: Alaska, Environment

Product ID: GNAK-18-H

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