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Crying Earth Rise Up

$168.75 (includes public performance rights)

"Water is our first home. Water is our first medicine. Without water, there is no life." -Debra White Plume (Oglala Lakota), Activist

A Lakota mother studying geology seeks the source of the water contamination that may have caused her daughter's critical health problems. Meanwhile, a Lakota grandmother fights the regional expansion of uranium mining. Crying Earth Rise Up exposes the cost of uranium mining and its impact on Great Plains drinking water.

Educational Resources: Viewer Discussion Guide
Program Length: 57 Minutes
Director and Producer: Suree Towfighnia
Co-Producer: Courtney Hermann
Consulting Producer: Debra White Plume (Oglala Lakota)
Editor: Sharon Karp
Writer: Reuben Cruz (Pee Posh/Maricopa/Quechan)
Public Broadcast Release:
The Website for Crying Earth Rise Up
Production Year: 2014

Tags: Geology, Water, Environmental, Uranium Mining, Drinking Water

Product ID: CERU-15-H

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