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Watchers of the North

Available at Watchers of the North

Watchers of the North follows the training, work and personal lives of Canadian Rangers, reservists in a unique branch of the Canadian Forces who patrol Canada's most remote and isolated regions.

Set in two Nunavut Inuit communities, the stories range from emotional search and rescue training with a very personal edge, to a routine skidoo security patrol that goes wrong, to the challenges that the teenage Junior Rangers face in a rapidly evolving community. Each episode weaves adventure, stunning scenery, Inuit traditions and a fascinating glimpse into an almost unknown branch of the military.

Program Length: 6 Episodes, 27 min each
Producer: David Finch
Directors: Dennis Allen & David Finch
Written by: Maureen Marovitch
Camera: Paul Rickard & Stephanie Weimar
Sound: Nick Huard & Christopher Yapp
Editing: Jesse Bochner & James Malloch
Public Broadcast Release: 2014
Production Year: 2013

Closed Captioning Included


Product ID: WOTN-13-H

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