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Playing for the World

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Girls' basketball has a long history in Montana, dating back to the earliest organized game played at an Indian boarding school at Fort Shaw in 1897. In 1902, a unique combination of Native women came together at a boarding school in Montana. They used the new sport of basketball to help them adjust to a rapidly changing world. Their travels and experiences led them to places they never imagined. Ultimately, these women played for something much larger than themselves.

Program Length: 57 minutes
Production Staff: Narrator, Tantoo Cardinal; Executive Producer, William Marcus; Director, John Twiggs; Co-Producer, Alison Perkins; Writer, John Twiggs; Photographers, John Twiggs, Gus Chambers, Kagan Yochim, Jim Swoboda; Editor, John Twiggs; Graphics, Jeremy White
Production Company: KUFM-TV/Montana PBS
Public Broadcast Release: November 2009


Product ID: PFTW-10-H

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