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Navajo Film Themselves

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Sol Worth, John Adair and Richard Chalfen traveled to Pine Springs, Arizona in the summer of 1966, where they taught a group of Navajo students to use cameras in the production of documentary films. Their students were Mike Anderson, Al Clah, Susie Benally, Johnny Nelson, Mary Jane Tsosie and Maxine Tsosie and later Susie Benally's mother, Alta Kahn. This film series, known as the Navajo Film Themselves, is sometimes mistakenly called Through Navajo Eyes, which is the title of the book that Worth and Adair later wrote.

Program Length: 144 mins.
Production Staff: Directors: Al Clah, Johnny Nelson, Susie Benally, Mike Anderson, Alta Kahn, Johnny Nelson, Maxine Tsosie and Mary Jane Tsosie
The Website for Navajo Film Themselves
Release: 1966

Tags: Navajo, Film

Product ID: NFTS-66-H

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