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Facing the Storm

Available at High Plains Films.

Facing the Storm documents the complete history of human relations with the largest land mammal on the continent. From the first North Americans who relied on bison for food, shelter and clothing for at least 10,000 years, to modern wildlife conservationists - descendants of those first North Americans among them - Facing the Storm introduces viewers to a rich history of human sustenance, exploitation, conservation, and spiritual relations with the ultimate icon of wild America.

Program Length: 78 minutes (Festival Cut) / 57 minutes (Broadcast Cut)
Production Staff: Producer/Director: Doug Hawes-Davis; Producers: Daniel Dauterive and Rita E. Pastore
Production Companies: High Plains Films, ITVS, and Montana PBS
Format: DVD
Broadcast Date: Fall 2011

Tags: bison, conservation, rural life, environment

Product ID: FACN-11-H

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