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Return to Rainy Mountain

$150.00 (includes public performance rights)
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Return to Rainy Mountain is a documentary film that tells the story of N. Scott Momaday. It is a personal account of his life and legacy told in his own voice, and in the voice of his daughter Jill. Momaday speaks of his Kiowa roots, family, literature, oral tradition, nature, identity, and the sacred and important things that have shaped his life.

Program Length: 27 minutes
Production Staff: Director/Writer/Producer: Jill Momaday (Kiowa), Executive Producers: Shirley K. Sneve (Rosebud Sioux) and Georgiana Ausan (Navajo); Attorney/Producer: Lisa Condon
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Format: DVD
Public Broadcast Release: November 2019

Closed Captioning Included

Available for rent or purchase through: Amazon Prime Video

Tags: Kiowa

Product ID: RTRM-19-H

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