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Social distancing doesn't mean you have to lose touch with your culture or your community. Vision Maker Media has many titles available for free streaming at American Archive of Public Broadcasting.
American Archive of Public Broadcasting Lets You Stream 7,000 ...                    

Spanning his fifty-year dogsled racing career, ATTLA tells the story of dogsled chamption George Attla, from his childhood as a TB survivor in the remote Alaskan interior, through his rise as ten-time world champion and mythical state hero, and finally as a village elder resolutely training his grandnephew to race his dog team one last time.

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Educational DVD and/or Streaming options available at GOOD DOCS.


Words from a Bear examines the enigmatic life and mind of Pulitzer Prize winning author, Navarro Scott Momaday. This profile delves into the psyche behind one of Native America's most celebrated authors of poetry and prose. Words from a Bear visually captures the essence of Momaday's writings, relating each written line to his unique Kiowa/American experience representing ancestry, place, and oral history.

Home Version: $24.99

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